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reviews of BLOOM ROAD  (since its release 2/24/15)

Thank you Dan, for a wonderful evening of music and stories! People have stopped me and commented on how much they enjoyed your talent and humbleness.  

De Heaton, 
Executive Director


Fans of the piano-based style of albums will no doubt be eager to hurriedly get a copy of this album, but if you have a real sense of totally quality music with multi-instrumentation that is produced with a loving care and performed with humble skill and attention, this is an album for you. BLOOM ROAD is something special and I firmly believe it is a landmark point that Dan Kennedy will look back on in years to come with a smile, for this is one most excellent album. [BLOOM ROAD was just nominated for 2015 Album of the Year by OWM in England.]   -Steve Sheppard, One World Music

BLOOM ROAD is the best album by Dan Kennedy to date. The album is just as colorful as the cover, and the combination of solo piano and selected guest artists works beautifully. Yes, this is indeed a blooming road. -BT Fasmer, New Age Music Odyssey


Love it!   -Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano  


I especially enjoy the jazzy side of Dan's musical spectrum, which makes an interesting yin/yang contrast to his more reflective solo piano work...I appreciate his 30 years of experience in the New Age music genre, as much as his willingness to push the boundaries and integrate other influences as well. BLOOM ROAD provides a lovely stroll through an exquisite garden of musical delights.  -Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus 


Kennedy writes gorgeous melodies and crafts exquisite arrangements. This is simply lovely music. Kennedy plays equally well with both hands, always the mark of a very good pianist. He shines in the spotlight on the solo pieces, but he also is adept at creating arrangements that feature him in conjunction with other musicians.  -amazon.com


"Something to be savored. There is promise in every tune...Dan’s music says to take heart."  -RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter 


You want variety on a modern instrumental album? Look no further. Dan Kennedy shows us he can head in any direction and pull it off with aplomb. Open your ears to these new sounds and you will not be disappointed.  -Magle International Music Forums


...from his Massachusetts farmhouse to points beyond and back, this is music for the mind and body... -Midwest Record




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My faves are EASY LIVING, COULD BE and AT THE BEGINNING. Really lovely.  -Will Ackerman, Imaginary Road Studios, Windham County, VT


Your music is very creative and I "enjoy the joy" I feel when I hear it.  -Jill Haley


Thank you Dan, for a wonderful evening of music and stories! People have stopped me and commented on how much they enjoyed your talent and humbleness.  -De Heaton, Executive Director, Corning (Iowa) Opera House Cultural Center


Phenomenal! We so enjoyed having you with us and your artistry was perfect for our audience.  Thanks so much.  -Philip A. (Pat) Tukey, VP of Public Operations & Membership, Brookgreen Gardens


Dan Kennedy's INTUITION extends far beyond a simple gut feeling and reveals a sophisticated sensibility to his eclectic instrumental compositions. The rhythmic energy throughout the album is punctuated by world-class players accompanying Dan's piano and intertwines elements of jazz and blues into a new age base. From infectious foot-tapping to nostalgia-inspiring melodies he has followed his heart with this new work.  -Corin Nelsen, SynchroSonic Productions


I wrote to tell you how much I loved your concert here at Crowell Chapel in April. It was wonderful. I can still feel the music and energy – the love – that you gave me and everyone who attended. -Anita Brewer-Siljeholm


You have such great talent and we felt blessed that you were able to share it with us. I will keep you at the top of my list for future events and will recommend you to all who need piano services. -Nathan Bazinet 


Thank you, Dan, for a magical night of music, wonder, and joy. Your House Concert was moving to us all in many ways but most of all it opened our hearts." -Wendy, Kim, Hannah


I have been enjoying the lovely, soothing, INTUITION CD of Dan`s that I purchased @ the Concert.  I look forward to more of Dan`s CD`s in the future.  I love the piece, JUMPROPING...think of Dan composing as Sarah jumps rope in & out of Dan`s range!  -Wendy Huish


Thank you so much for sending the copy of your CD INTUITION.  I love the range of your composition work, and the fluid magic of your musical team.  -Marcia Pendleton


A wonderful way to calm the mind and soothe the soul, in the finest tradition of the Windham Hill label.  -Chris Lindquist, Director, The Westfield Athenaeum


Dan, I absolutely love the "Ballad" piece.  It's beautiful and soulful.  Thanks for mentioning the 1976 Steinway B in the album description, because...I own a 1976 Steinway B that I dearly love and I was looking for information about the 1976 Steinway B on Google and found your CD.   -Abi Harbani 


Thanks so much for your performance last night. The music was beautiful -- impressive -- and your stories brought really nice personal connection with the crowd. You rock!  -Elizabeth Fowler


I can't say how profoundly good and beautiful [your concert] was, how astonishing your playing and those other magical musicians, too, Dan. How to do more? The CD is all committed to memory: we LOVE it.  -Denise Frame Harlan, Writer


Your music builds layers of sound that transport the listener to their own private places to dream.  -Lori Tremblay, Composer, Musician


Hi Dan, I LOVE the CD.  It's full of energy, yet very relaxing.  I can't wait to play it on the radio next week.  -Jon Leachman, DJ, WMUA radio


Lantern...is luminous, lyrical, and uplifting.  I just LOVE it.  -Jonathan Dawson, Sustainability Educator, Findhorn


Greetings from the land of Phil Aaberg and George Winston!...After 25+ years of following [such] artists given birth to by Windham Hill, it is easy to place your music in that great company.  -Jean Vaskey, Great Falls, MT


 I listened to your Bloom Road CD this weekend and it's really terrific.  I especially love Falling and Dulcimer in C minor; wonderful meditative quality. 

Tavi Prugno, Director of Snow Library, Orleans, MA